SP Global developed a revolutionary approach for commercializing innovations to build $100M+ companies. SP Global focuses exclusively on bringing Societal Enhancement Technologies to the market: solutions that have the capacity to solve significant problems facing our communities, nation and world. Our companies are opened in locations that need and benefit from the economic boosts, jobs and increased tax basis that come as a byproduct of entrepreneurial activity. SP Global seeks to improve lives and to create stronger, more resilient communities.

We create ecosystems of success where everybody wins

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Turning Ideas into Solutions

SP Global developed the Transformative Corporate Formation (TCF) process to pair ideas with market needs, and to turn them into community-building, revenue-producing companies. TCF is a tightly integrated, quantified, and repeatable systems engineering approach to business that mitigates risk typically associated with startups. Higher confidence, less investment, faster to revenue.

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Invest into the Future

SP Global offers a pathway for early stage investors to help tackle hard problems our society faces. SP Global moves ground breaking capabilities into addressable markets with long-term growth potential. The TCF process, fueled by the SPG Captial TCF Fund, ensures the right amount of funding is available at the right time to yield successful product launches with sustained growth.

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Build Companies with Strong Leaders

SP Global companies are led by a harmonized C-suite, proven in commercializing capabilities across several market sectors. TCF's deliberate and planned mentorship process offers an evolutionary transfer of C-suite and business management roles over time. The SP Global approach is designed as much for mentorship and transfer of knowledge as it is for early negotiation of daunting obstacles typically incurred by startups.

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SP Global’s portfolio of businesses were created from conceptual ideas and unique IP and have now moved to commercial companies across several industry sectors.

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