Agile Systems Engineering

How does SP Global help our Customers and Partners cope with the changing world, changing user needs and advancing technology? SP Global applies critical systems thinking, adaptive prioritization and user-centric methods to deliver working solutions into the market place. Our teams formulate, communicate and orchestrate what must be done and provide comprehensive roadmaps for each component of our solutions.


SP Global’s Transformative Corporate Framework (TCF) model drives deep target market knowledge with strong end user relations, examines technologies and holistically integrates systems for assured on-time, within cost delivery into target markets.

The value of technology is in the application; SP Global will help you understand the true value of your technology and how to get it to market. Management of technology for business value is the key to maximizing your return on investment. Developing new and innovative applications assures continued growth; let SP Global bring years of technology management experience to your business plan.

Advanced Technology

How does SP Global Make Technology Work for You? SP Global is focused on providing our clients with creative solutions that help them achieve their product goals. With a commitment to excellence, a breadth of knowledge and experience in product development, SP Global offers experienced teams that creative and strategic leadership of business operations, technology management & product development. 

Our technology experience includes:

  • Bio-sensing/nanotechnology
  • Communications & Surveillance Systems
  • Signal Processing & Advanced Analytics
  • Data & Knowledge Management
  • Software Systems & Applications including GIS, video and mobile
  • Emergency Management, Communication, and Response

Cyber Defense, Information Security & Compliance