Selling Your Company

The principals of SPG Capital have decades of experience in helping clients maximize the value of their companies through a full or partial divestiture. Our work with clients often begins long before the actual transaction, as we focus on understanding each client’s specific goals and objectives from a business succession planning standpoint, before going to market. While the closing of a transaction is the culmination of this process, it is this process of identifying what the client is trying to achieve, explaining the various options and helping prepare the company for a transaction, that ensures a successful engagement.

Selling their company, is often a once in a lifetime event for our clients. It represents a huge financial and life changing event for most. Regardless of the size of the company, the process is an important milestone and deserves serious and professional guidance and attention.

SPG Capital is happy to assist clients in all or any part of the process, from early business succession planning to the marketing and execution of the most complex transactions. We also are closely aligned with independent, advisors in the tax, accounting and legal professions, that provide the specific expertise necessary for these transactions.

We recognize your company represents a significant part of your life’s work and deserves the assemblage of best professional team possible. Our “quarterbacks” that team for its clients and ensures the team is fully focused on executing your deal. This approach maximizes your company’s value, while achieving your unique goals.