SP Global (SPG) delivers cutting-edge cyber security products, solutions, and services. Our novel cyber intelligence tradecraft driven big data analytics discover customer and targeted system and infrastructure specific threats and vulnerabilities. We apply cyber threat driven “adaptive encapsulation” applied across all legacy embedded control systems versus individual tools that would need to be generated for each legacy control system or vendor family of Industrial Control Systems.

Our approach is tailored to meet each customer’s individual needs, reduce risk, and ensure ongoing protection in a world of continuously emerging and progressively more advanced cyber threats.

SPG has principal cyber architects and engineers with relationships with commercial cyber  innovators, national laboratories, large scale systems integrators, and DoD research laboratories.  SPG to applies a state of the art scientific and cyber solutions systems engineering methodology to each customer problem.



SPG plans to launch GlobalCyte™ – a cloud based next generation cyber security intelligence and active cyber defense service based on our patented technologies.

SPG  cyber solution architects and engineers design customer needed solutions with these principles:

Protect Critical Infrastructure  •  Affordably Defeat Cyber Attacks

Businesses and legacy embedded control systems are under cyber attack and unable to individually afford the apparatus needed to keep up and protect themselves. For small businesses with Federal contracts, there are new laws which require new methods of protection or businesses may lose their federal contracting capabilities. Likewise for industrial plants with vulnerable legacy control systems.