Bringing new and innovative technologies to market that result in societal enhancement takes industry experts and proven processes to transform a great idea into a solution with real market value. SP Global has a unique blend of talent that spans several market sectors with impressive depth of experience in areas that range from traditional as well as entrepreneurial business endeavors; complex system development and project management; financial and fund management; intellectual property law; geographic information systems (GIS); advanced cross-discipline engineering; sales and marketing; and first responder, agency and military leadership.

Perhaps more importantly, the SP Global executive team has developed a strong rapport, trust and operational cadence that magnifies the efficiency and expertise of each individual. Comraderie, respect, professionalism, poise and genuine care is evident when you step into the SP Global office and this translates into everything that we do. SP Global is committed to multiplicative outcomes, where everyone working with SP Global has a better outcome than if they had worked with someone else or on their own.

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