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SPG are commercialization experts.

Bringing new and innovative technologies to market that result in societal enhancement takes industry experts and proven processes to transform a great idea into a solution with real market value.

SP Global’s Transformative Corporate Formation (TCF) is a proprietary process that puts innovations and advanced technologies on a fast-track to commercialization. It is a repeatable method for finding, honing, funding and bringing Societal Enhancement Technologies to market quickly and with significantly less capital investment required. TCF was developed to spur and foster innovation that improves lives, and to mentor new companies through the pitfalls that traditionally lead to a startup failure rate widely cited at approaching 90%.

TCF’s revolutionary approach for creating $100M+ companies intersects and integrates finance, business, engineering, marketing, sales and communty-relations disciplines. It is a four-phase process that is governed by a team of proven entrepreneurial executives to prepare and launch a successful company.

SP Global employs TCF to:

  • Identify areas of need that exhibit strong market pull behaviors
  • Curate promising technologies matured through previous research investments from research labs, universities and other sources
  • Vet and round the candidate technology to create a unique solution to the identified market need(s)
  • Form and fund the companies
  • Apply further funds on a tiered scale as readiness to progress to the next TCF phase is achieved.

Readiness is monitored quantitatively using an SP Global proprietary system that offers consistency in evaluation and monitoring throughout the process.

TCF companies are funded by a series of capital sources, managed by SPG Capital, that ensure adequate funds are available to provide continuity throughout all phases of the process, from unique idea formation to market launch. Right-sized funding is infused at each of the four TCF phases, capping the exposed risk to an investor but providing sufficient funds to move the company forward on pace.

TCF is orchestrated by a harmonized, integrated corporate management team. A new company has immediate access to a highly functioning team of subject matter experts across multiple segments of the economy. These leaders are proven in commercializing capabilities and in organic mentorship of future company leadership. In addition to the management team, a pre-established operational infrastructure is provided by SP Global, allowing the company’s focus to remain on the critical tasks required to get the right product to the right market without the encumbrance of labor, time and funding intensive ramp-ups into areas of non-expertise. Substantial forward progress can begin on day one, rather than months or years into an endeavor.

SP Global combines experienced leadership and mentorship, industry specific knowledge, a systems engineering approach to business, and the right amount of funding to drive innovations to market in half the time and cost of a typical “Do It Yourself” or minimally-managed startup organization, with significantly greater chance of success.

Organizations that can benefit from TCF include: 

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