Physical Threat Detection

Threats to national security and human life can come in many forms and much of the time they can be identified and mitigated with the right technologies. Most Security Operations lack the expertise to research and find the right solutions that meet their policies and requirements, let alone the limited resources and knowledge to efficiently and economically integrate these technologies into their day-to-day operations.

SP Global understands that no two organizations have the same threat security requirements. Leveraging our expertise as end-users, engineers and system integrators, we have built a large understanding of what is expected from these solutions based on each customers individual levels of security concerns, policies, and mandates to the ever expanding threats that can disrupt and damage their organizations objectives, intellectual property, and/or the safety of their personnel and employees.  Utilizing a combination of proven business processes, technology partners, and problem solving tools, to help our clients properly identify the right solution that meets their security needs.

When the right people come together, technology shines, and results happen. Our specialized early-warning threat security technologies brings agility, robustness, and flexibility to project execution.