Energy Savings Solutions for Your Organization

SEEMlogoSEEM = Saving Energy Earns Money®

A Penny Saved Is a Penny Earned. This maxim is as relevant today as ever to businesses and organizations looking to improve their bottom lines. SP Global’s proprietary SEEM process helps reduce your energy bills as much as to 60%!  Imagine what your business or organization can do with the money you’ll save.  We drive these savings with well-engineered energy saving solutions using proven technology.  We’re so confident in our process that we’ll underwrite the entire cost of implementation and then share the savings generated from your project for a short time while we recoup our investment.  Then we go away, and you continue to save the full amount.

See how we’ve saved our customers money via our SEEM energy savings process.

Our Process

Our process starts with a review and thorough analysis of your energy bills and how you use energy. We’ll schedule and complete an audit of your facilities to determine what components you have driving energy usage. During the audit we identify those components that could change to yield energy savings. The areas in which we concentrate are:

  • LED Lighting
  • Motor Controls
  • Cooling Systems
  • Environmental Controls
  • Water Conservation and Waste Reduction Applications
  • Renewable Energy Production and Local Generation of Power

We’ll then engineer the changes based on the knowledge gained through 22 years in the energy savings market, calculate the savings, and present our findings to you.

Our trained and licensed mechanics will install and upgrade your energy systems giving you the confidence that the job will get done right. Once installation is complete, we’ll monitor your energy usage to verify you’re saving what we promised.

What are the Benefits of a Retrofit?

With lighting accounting for more than 25 percent of the energy used in most buildings, increased efficiency can make a big difference to your monthly energy bill.

Reduced Energy and Maintenance Costs
Energy-efficient lighting upgrades represent the highest return on investment of any single-technology project, with an average ROI of 45 percent. These upgrades pay for themselves on average of 2.2 years and the payback continues over the lifetime of the system through reduced energy and maintenance costs.

Tax Incentives and Rebates
Numerous tax incentives and utility rebates are available for choosing sustainable lighting for non-residential buildings. Federal, state and local programs may provide incentives for the certified use of qualifying energy-efficient lighting technologies in both new construction and renovation applications.

Improved Safety
High quality lighting can improve facility safety, reduce quality incidents, improve productivity and increase occupant satisfaction. Newer technologies often have better lighting-quality characteristics, such as improved color, reduced flicker and greater light output.

Improved Performance and Productivity
A Cornell University study found that one in four workers experienced a loss in work time based on vision problems and discomfort caused by poor lighting. The study found improvements in the average office lighting system can result in a 3-5 percent gain in employee productivity.

Reduce Size and Expense of Renewable Energy Systems
Companies considering implementing a renewable energy generation system to cover the energy usage of the facility can greatly reduce the size of the system by retrofitting the facility first. Using less energy results in either a smaller renewable energy generation system or a system that replaces a larger percentage of purchased electric.

Environmental Impact / Corporate Social Responsibility
By consuming less electricity, your facility can reduce its electrical load, thus reducing the demand and associated emissions from “off-site” power generation. In addition, lighting upgrades and other sustainability initiatives can help you keep up with investor, community and customer environmental expectations.

Property Valuation
Research done by Energy Star using Quickscope, an energy analysis software tool, found that each $1 invested in energy efficiency could increase asset value by as much as $3.


Do I Need an LED Retrofit

There are many reasons you may consider switching to LED lighting in your building.

  • Do you have older lighting technologies such as T12 or T8 fluorescents, or metal halide lighting?
  • Are your parking lot lights on all night?
  • Is your company looking for ways to cut operating expenses and battle rising energy costs?
  • Are you considering taking advantage of local and state tax incentives?
  • Are your lights operating more than 16 hours per day?
  • Does your organization have corporate-level green/sustainability initiatives that a lighting retrofit would support?
  • Is your basic utility rate greater than $.05 for kWh?

AutoDealershipAn LED retrofit is a simple way to make your building’s lighting more energy efficient. Over time, these energy savings can be significant enough to not only pay for the equipment, but may produce a return on investment. LED retrofits not only improve the quality of light, but also result in less heat in the building envelope reducing HVAC run times. Couple this with increased longevity of lamp life (>10 years in most cases) and possible utility incentives to help reduce project costs, and one can easily see the return of investments can be significant.

Rising electricity costs, environmental regulations and concerns about employee well being have businesses, consumers and government agencies looking for an energy strategy that will not only save money, but will add business value into the future. With lighting accounting for more than 25 percent of the energy used in most facilities (>50% in most small businesses), increased efficiency can make a big difference to your monthly energy bill.