EPA-Approved-logoFresh water is currently drawn from surface water sources and groundwater aquifers faster than it can be replenished.  Water is incredibly scarce in large regions of the world and the majority of the rest is being degraded, polluted or wasted.  SP Global Water is a societal enhancement company that is deeply committed to develop and drive solutions to mitigate these issues and help to create a better world. 

SP Global engineers solutions for:



SP Global environmental engineers and scientists design each individual water solution with these simple principles:

• Clean the source water to better than drinking water standards resulting in higher quality natural product and healthier environment for humans
• Separate solids, liquids or gases from the effluent for reuse, resale or for environmental disposal, decreasing operational costs, providing a new source of revenue and reducing the environmental impact
• Clean the effluent to better than drinking water standards for reuse or environmental friendly return, reducing supply costs, septic costs and reducing the environmental impact
• Eliminate and replace unneeded processes and systems, decreasing operational costs, saving energy and reducing the environmental impact
• Employ Zero Energy techniques to further save operational costs and reducing the environmental impact

Save Water  •  Save Money  •  Save the Environment  •  Save Lives

SP Global (SPG) has quickly become a leader in water filtering and conservation techniques by attracting some of the brightest minds in the world and developing integral relationships with commercial innovation, national laboratories, academia, and the environmental community.

These relationships allow SPG to apply a state of the art scientific and environmental engineering methodology to each customer problem.  This cutting edge holistic approach minimizes or eliminates solid, liquid, and gaseous discharges to water, soil and air, while promoting energy and resource recovery and conservation.

SPG combines an array of techniques to include Micro Filtration, Ultra Filtration, Nano Filtration, and Reverse Osmosis with revolutionary and proprietary equipment, processes and design.thumbsup

These systems can make cleaner than drinking standard quality water from just about any water source to include wells, aquifers, streams, rivers, reservoirs, lakes, brackish water, and sea water.  In most cases, SPG designs can even make wastewater exceed industry and drinking water standards.

SPG upholds strict quality control, environmental and safety standards and has designed solutions for some of the largest and well-known companies in the world. Unlike most companies, SPG looks outside of its own proprietary systems to make sure each design is the absolute best solution for our client’s specific application.