SP Global Mission

SP Global was founded to connect brilliant innovations with significant needs in our society, and to bring products that improve lives to the market. In the process, SP Global seeks to form companies that contribute to the American economy, particularly in regions that need help.

American innovation is rampant, but knowledge of how to translate technology advancements to the commercial market is limited. Startups across the economy fail at an alarming rate. Accordingly, early stage investment dollars are scarce, which leaves the bulk of innovations to wither on the vine and significant societal problems unsolved.

SP Global examined the methods typically applied for startups and developed an alternative: the Transformative Corporate Formation (TCF) process. With this elegant process, SP Global builds companies systematically in a manner that limits investors’ dollars at risk at every stage. This repeatable, transparent, and quantifiable process for building companies led by seasoned executives creates an ecosystem of trust with inventors, investors and company leadership.

SP Global breaks the cycle of failed entrepreneurial endeavors and rebuilds confidence and interest of early stage investors.

Areas of Focus

SP Global’s company’s solutions span a wide range of industries with a common bond on discovering and rapidly transforming innovative technologies into profitable organizations that result in creation of societal enhancements benefit such as improved quality of life, human health, energy efficiency, and public safety.

SP Global is constantly looking for and evaluating emerging innovations that can be commercially evolved into significant advances in their specific areas of focus, while in parallel result in the creation of highly successful business units within their respective fields.

SP Global’s Societal Enhancement areas of focus include:

If you have an innovative concept, idea, or technology, SP Global can assist you in taking them to commercialization through our proven process.

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