Partners and Partner Opportunities

SP Global has cultivated strong and enduring partnerships with several notable organizations, including the SPG Capital and Strategic Partners Global Institute.

Partnership Opportunities

SP Global is looking to establish many unique partnerships across sectors of the economy who can help realize our vision of solving society’s hardest problems. Where natural endpoints are reached with government-sponsored research, academic research, individual inventors, or corporate in-house development, SP Global is perfectly postured to help move the needle beyond what an originating organization is designed to or equipped to accommodate.

Organizations that can benefit from SP Global services

Innovation Labs
Government Research

Benefits for Investors

Investment in the SPG Capital TCF Funds offers various levels of risk tolerance options, with proportional returns. Every SPG company is governed by the TCF process and as monitored by its rigorous system-engineering based evaluations. This offers investors consistent and quantifiable progress indicators. With TCF, investment dollars at risk are capped in each phase with clear criteria for success and well-established methods for monitoring progress. Because of the inherent risk mitigation protocols built into TCF and the SP Global managment structure, investors can expect companies to hit revenue faster and with less investment than typical startup approaches. SP Global’s TCF process eliminates barriers to early stage investing!

Benefits for National Laboratories, Research Institutes and Universities

SP Global has worked with leading national, educational and independent labs to turn vetted Intellectual Property from semi-mature proof of concepts into successful businesses. SP Global honors the level of effort of the researcher and offers responsible IP commercialization that maximizes market visibility and minimizes legal risk. SP Global seeks to complement existing tech transfer capabilities to leverage inherent strengths and improve overall rate of IP commercialization. The TCF approach converts potentially stagnant IP into cash and reputation-generating assets, and opens pathways to repurpose technology to improve lives and help build strong communities.

Benefits for Government Research

SP Global understands and has experience working through the complexities of transitioning government technology into the public space. The US Government funds billions of dollars of purpose-driven research every year. However, in many cases, cutting edge products developed within the government cannot be marketed commercially,or within the government, without an external impetus. SP Global is the perfect partner to government technology transfer offices: we know the market needs , how to adapt technology to meet the needs, the value of the solution and how to bring the solution to the ones who need it. Our commercialization methods take into account agency goals and we employ effective licensing arrangements that maximize agency effectivity scores.

Benefits for Inventors

SP Global values the specialized skill of an inventor and appreciates that inventor time is best spent on the product, not on learning the intricacies of starting a business as the expense of product progress. Success of an early stage company depends greatly on the management team, the investment dollars available and know-how to make critical, sophisticated decisions at the right time. SP Global offers a seasoned team, a turn-key office-automation and commercialization infrastructure, funding, and the TCF process to turn a valuable idea into a multi-million dollar company. Success can happen without SP Global, but the scale of success with SP Global is orders of magnitude higher and is reached confidently and quickly.

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